YouTube Videos Loading but Not Playing? Solved!

One of the easiest ways to test how fast your Internet Connection is by playing videos on YouTube. For sure I’m not the only one who has tried that before, am I?

But the thing is, when you want to open your favorite videos and the screen’s buffering the whole time, your blood runs faster and it starts boiling anger.

Even though it is possible, there’s only a few chance that the problem is on YouTube itself considering they are one of the biggest social media on earth.

The only possibility is on your side, whether it’s your Internet Connection, the browsers, your computer, the app, or other causes that could make YouTube videos loading but not playing.

Once I experienced that YouTube not working on TV which surprisingly, it was the cable port that didn’t suit whatsoever. Silly me!


Playing YouTube Videos on PC Starter Pack

YouTube Videos Loading but Not Playing? Solved! 1

I’ll guide you to fix this issue so you can get on YouTube and watch the funny dogs and cats videos to cheer you up during the break time.

But let me introduce you to the HTML 5 Video Play, which is the basic starter pack that should be installed on your browser so you can watch videos on YouTube.

YouTube uses HTML 5 Video Play so if there was something that interfere the connection between the HTML 5 Video Play and the browser or even the browser didn’t support HTML 5 video, then YouTube videos not playing in Firefox, Chrome, and even on the Android.

If this happened, there would be a black screen with notice to inform you that the browser doesn’t recognize the video formats.

You should install the Adobe Flash Play to solve this issue.

Other than that, there are few reasons why YouTube not playing videos that we are about to reveal down below!


How to Fix YouTube That Doesn’t Play Videos on Desktop

1. Update the Browsers

Whether you use Firefox or Google Chrome, check the version that installed on your computer. It should be the latest version of Chrome or Firefox that can support HTML 5 Video Play.

Maybe you just forget to activate the auto update feature so it won’t support the video formats.

Google Chrome users could Paste and Go this link (chrome://settings/help) to check the Chrome version.

update the google chrome

You can click the Update Google Chrome and click Relaunch to get the latest version.


2. Clear Cookies and Cache

The Cookies and Cache could interfere the connection that causes YouTube videos not playing on desktop.

Clear Cookies and Cache

Go to the browsers’ settings and clear the Cookies and Cache.

Clear Browsing Data

The Chrome users could Paste and Go this link (chrome://settings/clearBrowserData) and clear all the Cookies and other site data and Cached Images and files. Then click the Clear data button.


3. Disable Extensions

Remember that you just need to disable the extensions, not delete those extensions. Keep in mind that at some points, the extensions can be the reason why YouTube videos not playing on Chrome.

Disabled Extension

Disable the extensions by dragging the toggle and go to the YouTube page and refresh to see if the issue is solved. If it is, keep it disable and don’t forget to activate when you need it.

By that time, you can contact the developer and tell them about the problem.


4. Update Video Drives

It could be the video drivers that haven’t been updated so the videos on YouTube won’t play. To update the video drivers, press Windows Key + X and click the Device Manager.

Device Manager

Click Display Adaptors and right-clicking the adaptor to update it.

Update Driver

Then click Search automatically for updated driver software and just follow the wizard.


5. Re-connect the Internet

Even though you can’t access the YouTube but still able to open any other websites, there’s still possibility that the Internet Connection that cause the issue as it doesn’t provide stable connection.

Go to the bottom right corner of your screen and click the ‘Show Hidden Icons’ logo and click Internet Access to check the connection.

Disconnect Internet Connection

You can Disconnect it for a while and then Connect it again.

Wait for a moment and open the YouTube page and refresh. I hope it works but if it isn’t oohh… keep going down below!


6. Restart the Computer

Oh come on, do I need to write you tutorial about this?


7. Reset the Browsers’ Settings

I feel bad for you if at this point, you still can’t figure it out why YouTube videos not playing on the browsers. But hey, maybe it is the browsers’ settings that failed.

You can open Chrome and on the top right corner, Click More and choose Settings.

Click More and Settings

Click the Show Advanced Settings and then there’s Reset Settings section, click Reset Settings.

Reset Settings

There’ll be box appears and click Reset.


8. Enable the Javascript

Javascript is crucial for any features so it would work perfectly on your browser. When it is disabled, there’s potential chance that YouTube videos might loading but not playing.

You can follow the guidelines to enable Javascript through this link. (


9. Reduce the Video Quality

When the internet connection has high traffic it interfere your Me-Time on YouTube.

When the internet connection is not strong enough, that’s rude to tell other people to stop browsing or downloading things so be advice to reduce the video quality.

You can go to the settings icon at the right bottom of the YouTube video. Click the Gear Icon to select lower quality option. Try it one by one to know which quality that could stand with the internet connection at your place.

Reduce Quality Videos

Once the internet connection is stable, you can change the settings and choose Auto so it will adapt with the connection automatically.


10. Log in to Another Email Account

It only works when the problem is caused by the Gmail Account. All you need to do is just log out the Gmail account and try to log in with other one.

If you don’t have any, you can create a new one for free and seamlessly. Or if you think it isn’t necessary, then you can watch YouTube without log in into any Gmail account.


How to Fix YouTube on Android and iOS

It’s impossible to lie back on the couch and holding PC or laptop so watching YouTube videos on smartphone is more convenience.

But then again, when a video couldn’t load or play on your mobile phone then you should find out the issue and fix it.

Here’s a following guide to fix YouTube on Android and iOS phone.

1. Update the OS

Operating System is the core for everything that installed on your smartphone. When it is outdated, some apps won’t work just the way they should be, including the YouTube app.

The Android users may go to Settings and search for Software Update. Sometimes it is in About Phone section. If you haven’t updated it, you can download and install the latest version.

Meanwhile for iOS users should go to Settings> General> Software Update. Download and install if there’s new one.


2. Update YouTube App

Some apps need periodic update in order to catch up with the latest technology. And in this case, YouTube app will show you notification before you can go to the main page.

You should update the app so you can watch YouTube and enjoy the latest features update.

On Android, go to the Play Store and search YouTube on the search box (sometimes is available in the home page). Click the app and down under, click Update.

On iOS, open the App Store and go to the Updates section. If the YouTube app is on the list, update it.

Or you can go to the old-fashion ‘just turn it off and on again’ by uninstall and install YouTube app again on the smartphone.


3. Sync Date and Time

When you travel to other countries or your phone having internal problems, the date and time might changed without you even notice it.

YouTube app can’t work when the date and time is out of position with the YouTube server. You can sync the date and time by letting the network to sync automatically.

On Android, go to Settings > General Management > Date and time, then make sure the Auto Date and Time is on.

On iOS, Settings > General > Date & Time and choose Set Automatically.

Sometimes there’s a pop up icon that will tell you that you need to sync date and time. Tap that pop up icon and you just need to turn it on.


4. Internet Connection

Whether it’s on desktop or mobile phone, internet connection plays crucial part when it comes about YouTube. Even an unstable connection will prevent YouTube videos to play.

You can disconnect the Wifi or mobile data for a while and then tap the icon to activate.

Other tricks you can do by changing your phone to Flight Mode for a moment. Then turn it off and the connection is already refreshed.

The last thing that you can do is resetting the entire network connection. Go to Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Network Settings for Android users. Meanwhile the iOS users can go to Settings > General Settings > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

In case your problem not resolved yet, drop a comment below. 

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