IP Address

If you want to access the admin page, you need to open browser and type in the address bar.

Or just simple click one of those Buttons below.

This should be your local IP Address and Router Admin. It works if you are in the same network as the router.

Note: If the button above does not work, it means that the default gateway used is not the IP address, and you can only open the router login page if you are logged into the same network.

some people type it wrong, like 192.168.1OO.1

IP Address

How to Login to IP Address

Make sure your device has an active internet connection to access the IP address. Once you’ve been connected, type that IP address on your browser’s bar. Plus, ensure that your browser has supported HTML5 to access the login page. Now, if you want to access the administrative panel of your router, follow these simple steps.

  1. Use the Correct IP Address

    You need to confirm that you use the correct IP address to access the configuration settings. But if you forgot the right address, you won’t be able to get it through. These steps help you to find the right IP address of your router.

    – Use your laptop/PC to figure it out. Go to the Control Panel of your Windows device and find the ‘Network and Sharing Center’. The IP Address is listed on the default network.

    – The Mac users need to go to the Utility Window and use the System Preferences tab to find the IP Address.

    – Last, you can use the smartphone too. Go to the ‘Advanced Settings’ on the Network or Wifi section. There will be IP address you can use to access the router panel.

  2. Use the Credentials to Access the Router

    Once you have found the correct IP address, type it on the address bar. A mistype or typo will lead you to a wrong page. Just make sure you type the right number of the IP Address. Click the ‘Admin’ or ‘Login’ buttons on the top of this page to make sure you go to the right page.

    Use the credentials or your router to access the panel. The default username and password sometimes is just ‘admin’. But some routers need different username and password.

    Once you’ve managed to access the administrative panel, you can change the credentials for safety purpose. Use simple but strong username and password and make note out of it. Troubleshooting

Reset the Router
If you have changed the username and password previously, make sure you remember it all. Keep in mind that you need to make note about previous settings before making any changes. This is a preventive method that will help you in the future.
But you can always reset the router by pressing the Reset button in case you’re unable to connect after the changes. Pressing the reset button will revert it to factory settings, where you need the default username and password to access the administrative panel.

IP Conflict
A conflict between two different IP addresses could happen if you have different routers at your home. You will redirect to different page, which won’t work at all as it not supposed to be there. So, if you have multiple routers, set the IP address to static mode to prevent the conflict. On the bright side, this method ensure the safety as hackers can access static IP address.

About IP Address
Just like our houses, the network needs address that will give access to the owner. The IP address belongs to private user or public. The name says it all. You can access the public IP address but you can’t access the private one. The private IP address needs credentials and those who have it can access the network.

Manufactures that Use IP Address
At first, you might think that remember IP address is exhausting. But this one is easy to remember and it’s not surprising that big companies use this IP address. Some manfactures, such as Arris, Ambit Microsystem, SmartRG, Motorola, and even Lenovo use this address for their routers. IP Address Admin
The admin lets you to access the router where you can make some changes over the network. There’s plenty of room for exploration, such as changing the DNS Settings, set custom username and password, and other things to increase the security level of the network.

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