The Best Time to Post on TikTok 2022

COVER The Best Time to Post on TikTok

Social media is the best platform to change your life. It’s where you can Fake It or Make It. You can have a terrible life but you Fake It on social media. Boom! Everyone thought you live the life to the fullest. Or ou can Make It, use social media to show your skills. The … Read more

How to Use TikTok Bling Effect 2022

COVER How to Use TikTok Bling Effect

TikTok is the new platform for those who have the audacity to show their creativity. The app is amazing because it’s easy-to-use. You don’t need high-level editing skill to create jaw-dropping videos. TikTok provides filters, augmented reality, visual and sound effects. Give yourself a try for a week and you’ll become the master of TikTok. … Read more

TikTok Fairy Comments Meaning Explained

cover TikTok Fairy Comments Meaning Explained

TikTok changes everything. At first, it attracts teenagers and adults to move out of The Gram. Second, you’ll find a lot of new TikTok slang words that Urban Dictionary couldn’t even understand. And recently it gets more attention because the comment section is funnier the content. If you want to find the endless source of … Read more

What does FYP mean on TikTok?

cover What does FYP mean on TikTok?

TikTok is a different Realm for the Gen Z. It’s the world where they can express their feelings through entertaining videos. It’s amazing to see how this social media is growing. TikTok’s not only giving you a chance to be a new star, but also it invented new terms. If you are new to TikTok … Read more

What does ACAB mean on TikTok?

cover What does ACAB mean on TikTok?

ACAB on TikTok stands for “All Cops Are B-mustar-D”. It used by the punk community. Sometimes it followed by dark makeup, hardcore rock, and other far-left sentiments. The ACAB song is also popular on the platform. The ACAB sometimes is written in numerical code with 1312. The term 1312 on TikTok stands for the numerical … Read more

How to Download TikTok Videos without Watermark

cover How to Download TikTok Videos without Watermark

TikTok is more than an app or social media, it’s a new way to make you famous! Forget Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook for a moment as you can be the new rising star on the horizon. Either way, people use this app so they can enjoy a lot of funny-to-jaw-dropping-videos on TikTok. This platform … Read more

5 Ways to Fix TikTok Keeps Crashing

cover Ways to Fix TikTok Keeps Crashing

We hate that moment when TikTok keeps crashing. You’re watching your favorite account and all of a sudden: arrrgggghhh AHJAKSJHJAHSK!!! TikTok keeps closing again and again. TikTok is amazing but when it stops working, the blood is boiling. I’ve been there before and this time I’ll show you how to handle this issue. Whether you’re … Read more

YouTube Videos Loading but Not Playing? Solved!

youtube videos loading but not playing

One of the easiest ways to test how fast your Internet Connection is by playing videos on YouTube. For sure I’m not the only one who has tried that before, am I? But the thing is, when you want to open your favorite videos and the screen’s buffering the whole time, your blood runs faster … Read more


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