Addon Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP for Addon Router

ip address

ip address

ip address

Default Login for Addon Router

IP Address

Addon Router Login Tutorial

You need to know the login instruction to access the Addon router web interface. Follow this simple tutorial and use the default IP address, username, and password for Addon router.

  1. Plug in the Ethernet Cable

    Connect the Ethernet cable, one to the LAN port and PC or laptop for the other. Besides that, you can try to use wireless network.

  2. Go-to Browser

    Use your go-to browser to access the web login page. Use the default IP address and write it on the address or search bar. You can find the IP address of Addon router on the label of the packaging box.

  3. Enter Username and Password

    When the IP address is correct, it will lead you to the login page. This is where you need to input the default username and password. Use that and you can access the admin panel where you can set the configuration.

Addon Router FAQs & Help

Some people couldn’t access the web interface, others can setup the router correctly. It’s normal as setting the router is not basic life skill. With this FAQs and Help, you can setup and access your router easily.

Forgot Login Password?

It happens most of the time as people forgot to write down their new password. You can reset the router and it will revert to factory setting. Next, you can try to re-login with the default password and username.

I Can’t Login to Router Panel

If it happens, you might enter the wrong username and or password. Even different IP address will cause this issue appears. Make sure you write the correct IP address, username, and password before login to router’s panel.

Login Page isn’t Loading

The WiFi connection might interrupt this process as it requires internet. Check your internet connection before login using wireless network to prevent this issue occurs.

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