Airlink101 Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Airlink101 Router

Default Logins for Airlink101 Router

IP Address

Login Instructions for Airlink101 Router

People asking ‘how do I setup my Airlink101 router?’ and it’s okay. Setting up router is not everyone’s daily thing to do. Here, we glad to help you how to do it properly.

  1. Plug the Ethernet Cable

    We prefer the wired network as it provide more safety than wireless connectivity. Use the Ethernet Cable and plug it to the LAN and your device.

  2. Enter the IP Address

    Use you go-to browser and type the IP address on the search field. Find the IP address of Airlink101 router written on the sticker at the packaging box.

  3. Enter Username & Password

    Now, enter the username and password and make sure it’s correct. You can fill the Password field and let the username box empty.

Airlink101 Router FAQs & Help

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions we’ve gather from different sources. Hope one of these will help you resolve the issues:

Why is the Page not Loading?

The page is not loading if you have slow internet connection. And most of the time, the page is not loading as people use wrong IP address.

How to Change my Router Password?

First you need to access the web interface using default IP address and username and password. And then go to Settings menu. Click the ‘Change Router Password’ or other similar options. That’s where you can change the password.

What if I forgot the Login Password?

You can do hard-reset if you forgot the login password. Press the reset button and it will revert to factory settings. Don’t turn off your router during this process.

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