Alpha Telecom Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Alpha Telecom Router

Default Logins for Alpha Telecom Router

IP Address

Alpha Telecom Router Login Instruction

One of the latest models of Alpha Telecom is 3100-4g v2 which uses as IP Address. That is the address that will open the login page – which requires default username and password to access the control panel. This instruction helps you to get full access of your router’s control panel.

  1. Connect the Router’s Cable

    Connect the Ethernet cable to the LAN port and the device you wish to work with. The wired network works better as it doesn’t need any WiFi password. When the setup is done, you can try to do the next step.

  2. Open Browser

    Open your browser or just simply open a new tab. Copy and paste the Alpha Telecom’s default IP Address on this page on the new tab.

  3. Enter Credentials

    The login page will display 2 empty fields where you can enter the credentials. Find the default password of your router and type on those fields. It should work without any issues.

Alpha Telecom Routers FAQs & Troubleshooting

Login Page not Loading

When the login page is not loading – or it takes forever to load, you can check the internet connection. When the connectivity is too slow, it takes more time to load a new page.

I Can’t Login to Router

This thing happen as you use wrong IP Address. Incorrect user and/or password can also cause this issue too. And if none of those things cause this problem, you can call the Customer Service to fix this matter.

Forgot Login Password

If somebody changed the password without your permission as you couldn’t access the control panel, you can proceed hard reset to revert the device.

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