ARGtek Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for ARGtek Router

Default Login for ARGtek Router

IP Address

How to Login to ARGtek Router

When you want to know how to setup ARGtek router, you are in the wrong side of the earth. Simply just follow the steps below to get access to your router’s admin page:

  1. Ethernet Cable

    Use the Ethernet Cable and make sure it connects with your device and LAN Port. You can use wireless setup but we won’t suggest it as it risky – it can log off suddenly without permission.

  2. IP Address

    Click one of the ‘Login’ or ‘Admin’ buttons that will open a new page of your router’s login page. Other than that, you can do it manually. Copy and paste this IP Address > to a new address bar.

  3. Username & Password

    Enter the username and password to the login fields. This router uses ‘admin’ for password and username. Just copy and paste it to avoid misspelling.

ARGtek Router FAQs & Help

Forgot Login Password

You can always reset the router when you forgot the login password. Resetting your router will turn it into factory setting, where you can use default credentials to re-login.

Login Page is not Loading

When this issue appears, it must be the internet connection has slow or disconnected. Check your WiFi signal before login to ensure it runs smooth without any errors.

Can’t Login to Dashboard Panel

This one is different with Loading error situation. When it happens, you might entered incorrect password and/or username. When the ‘admin’ doesn’t work, go find out the correct user and password for this router.

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