Asante Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Asante Router

Login Admin

Default Logins for Asante Router

IP Address192.168.123.254

Login Steps for Asante Router

There are several model of Asante router which requires different credentials and IP Address. But most of the time, the login steps are similar. Follow this instruction to access the CPanel:

  1. Use Ethernet Cable

    Wired network takes more effort but it is safer than Wireless network. We choose the first method to access the login page. So, make sure you plug the Ethernet cable to device you wish to work.

  2. Copy and Paste the IP Address

    This step prevent from misspelling. For more comfortable action, click the ‘Admin’ or ‘Login’ button at the first section of this page.

  3. Enter Data Information

    The credentials should be written on the label of your router. If you can’t find it, use credentials from this page to access the CPanel page.

Asante Router Help Center and FAQs

Do I Require Internet Connection to Login?

Yes, if you prefer wireless connection. But you can always choose Wired Network just in case you have no idea the WiFi password.

I Can’t Log in to Router?

When it happens, it means that you use incorrect username and password. Make sure there’s no misspelling or extra character that will cause this issue.

Forgot Login Password?

Proceed the manual reset to remove the configuration setting. Once it reverted to factory setting, you can try to re-login with default credentials.

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