ASRock Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for ASRock Router

Admin Login
Admin Login

Default Logins for ASRock Router

IP Address192.168.1.1

ASRock Login Information

ASRock is gaming router that comes with high performance antennas which deliver 2.53Gbps. It ensures the users enjoy high speed internet connection without buffering. But first, you need to know how to login to ASRock device to start it.

  1. Wired Network

    First thing you should do is connecting the Ethernet Cable to the device and the LAN port. Wired Network is secure, fast, and not need any internet or WiFi password.

  2. Open Browser

    Next, open the browser and use default IP Address to access the web interface. You can even click the Login or Admin button in the first section of this page. There will be two blank fields where you need the credentials to get full access.

  3. User and Password

    The credentials for ASRock router is ‘admin’ for both user and password fields. Click OK or press Enter to open the dashboard of your device.

ASRock Router FAQs

Forgot Login Password?

When you forgot the login password, you have to revert the router to remove the settings. As the device goes to Factory Setting, you can try to re-login with default IP Address, user, and password.

Why Can’t I Login to my Router?

It happens because you might use incorrect user and/or password. Pro tips: when you make some changes, don’t forget to make a note about the latest changes.

Login Page is not Loading?

The internet connection might be the aspect that will interrupt the login process. When you decide to use Wireless Network, make sure you have strong internet connection to support the login process.

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