Baicells Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Baicells Router

Admin Login
Admin Login

Default Login for Baicells Router

IP Address192.168.150.1

Baicells Router Login Detail

There’s only one Baicells model, the EP3011 that requires default IP Address and credentials to access the configuration menu. This instruction lets you setup the router and get access to the Admin page.

  1. Setup Ethernet Cable

    The Ethernet Cable needs to be connected to the LAN Port and device you wish to work with. This method is simple, effective, and internet-free so you don’t need any WiFi Connection.

  2. Open Browser

    Next, you have to open a browser and copy-paste the default IP Address written in this page. Aside from that, you can click the Admin or Login button in this page.

  3. Use Correct Credentials

    When the web interface has opened, enter the credentials for this device. Most of the Baicells default credentials is ‘admin’ for both password and username.

Baicells Router FAQs

How to Reset Baicells Device Router?

You can find the reset button and use the small paper clip to push it. Hold it for a few second and wait until the lights are green. Now the router has been reverted to factory setting mode.

Forgot Login Password?

You can try to reset the router and try to re-login with the default username, password, and IP Address. Next time you change the password, write it on your note app to make it easier to remember.

Login Page not Loading?

This issue occur as you lost internet connection while using Wireless Network. Please make sure you have strong WiFi connection to prevent this issue in the future.

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