Giving You a Choice Over What you Share on the Web

We all use the web constantly in our daily lives for searching, social sharing, emails, storing our photos, videos, music and files. It is easy to use, convenient and free.

Well, it’s not exactly free. While we don’t pay for many of these cloud services, the fact is, we are giving up our personal information in order to use them. It is said that if you are getting something for free, you are no longer the customer, you are the product being sold.

The providers of these "free" services (you know who we're talking about) are using our content, our likeness, tracking our searches, tracking our sharing habits and our social lives. They’re scanning our emails so they can sell targeted ads to us. Even the government has gotten into the act by indiscriminately vacuuming up our web and telephone activities.

You see, the cloud services companies take advantage of the fact that most of us don’t know how to buy a domain, set up a website and program it to do what we want.

We don’t believe this is a fair trade. In fact, we believe that consumers are getting a raw deal.

We believe the answer is to give you, the user, more control over your stuff and thoughts. We believe you should still be able to share your photos, videos, music, files and your social lives without having to rely on the so-called free cloud services. Our product, The Egg is one way to do this. But, outside of buying a product like ours, we still recommend that folks think about the quantity and value of personal content that they are trading for any of these "free" services and if it is worth it.