Preventing Security Breaches is Focus of National Cyber Security Awareness Month

There isn't a week that goes by without a news story about some type of cyber security breach. To help raise awareness of potential threats faced on a daily basis, October is designated as National Cyber Security Awareness Month to make everyone #CyberAware.

No one is immune from cyber attacks.  Major corporations, schools and even the government have all been targets.

A 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime study found the average annual cost of cyber crime is $15 million dollars and the damage takes an average of 46 days to repair.

With cyber security on the minds of virtually everyone these days, two former Intel employees created “The Egg” to allow people to chat, stream and share digital content privately, and ‘privately’ is the key.

Users can easily share personal videos, photos, music and other files with family or friends, bypassing social media or cloud based services. The content remains password protected and lives on The Egg, accessible from anywhere via its self-configuring Wi-Fi connectivity.

“The Egg gives you control over your own content and fits right in the palm of your hand,” said Barry Solomon, the co-founder of The Egg along with Thomas Martis.