The Egg: The Perfect Travel Companion

Are you going on an extended trip and do you expect to be taking lots of photos and videos?  You’ll probably be bringing your phone and an SLR camera for those extra-special memories.  You might also be taking an action cam (like GoPro) to record those adventuresome moments.

The Egg brings a new level of convenience and flexibility to travellers who plan to capture lots of memories while on the road.  


The Egg is a smart storage device, personal web server and portable media streamer that you can carry in your pocket. Share files on the fly from anywhere in the world. Free up storage on your phone. Stream high definition video seamlessly. 

"One should always carry an Egg. This is THE missing piece for managing storage on your smart phone and keeping all your photos in order."  - Washington Times

The Egg lets you ‘shoot away’ without having to worry about having enough storage on your devices.  You can back up photos and videos from phones and cameras directly to The Egg (wirelessly or with a USB cable) – all without having to lug along a PC.   The Egg even has a touchscreen that lets you view the photos and play back the videos just taken.

The Egg also keeps you entertained when it’s used as a portable media streamer. Travelers can load their favorite movies, music, podcasts, etc. onto The Egg and enjoy these when ‘off-the-grid’ such as at an airport or in the outdoors.

Finally, The Egg lets travelers PRIVATELY share photos and videos without using Facebook or other social media.  When connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can share photos or full-length HD videos with the folks back home.   Since your content remains on The Egg you control exactly who sees it.

Order The Egg before your next trip.  Starting at $199.