Bountiful Router Login – IP Address, Username, Password

Default IP Address for Bountiful Router

Admin Login
Admin Login

Default Login for Bountiful Router

IP Address192.168.0.1

Bountiful Router BWRG1000 Setup

Bountiful device model BWRG1000 uses default IP Address written on the section above. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any credentials for this router. In case you haven’t knew, follow this instruction to setup the device:

  1. Wired Network

    Find the Ethernet cord and connect them to the PC and the LAN port. Turn on the device and when the lights are green, it is ready to use.

  2. Open Web Browser

    Now you have to select the browser to access the web interface using the default IP Address. Click the ‘Admin’ or ‘Login’ button to get direct access to the login page.

  3. Enter Credentials

    You might have to check the packaging box because each device comes with certain numbers and password. Use them to login and get access to the configuration page.

Bountiful Router FAQs

Login Page not Loading?

When you can open the login page, it indicates that the device has lost the connectivity. If you use WiFi, check if there’s trouble or low connectivity that causes this issue.

Forgot Login Password?

When this happen, you have to reset the router by pressing the Reset Button. It will revert to factory settings and clear the previous changes. Then you can re-login with default credentials.

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