How to Use TikTok Bling Effect 2020

TikTok is the new platform for those who have the audacity to show their creativity. The app is amazing because it’s easy-to-use. You don’t need high-level editing skill to create jaw-dropping videos. TikTok provides filters, augmented reality, visual and sound effects. Give yourself a try for a week and you’ll become the master of TikTok.

One of the latest trends on TikTok is the bling effect. A lot of users have been using this effect on their videos. I’m sure you already seen one on your ‘For You’ page. In case you’re wondering how to make TikTok bling effect, here’s one for you!

How to Get the Bling Effect on TikTok 2020

This is how to get the bling effect on TikTok while recording a new video or taking a new pic.

  • Take a new pic or make a video

Icon Effect

  • Choose the ‘Effects’ icon on your bottom-left screen

Bling Effect

  • Go to the ‘Beauty’ tab and scroll down to find the sparkle filter named Bling. Tap it to apply on your pic or video.

As you succeed to use TikTok bling effect on your video or picture, you can add it as the Favorite. Tap the Bookmark icon while the effect is running. If you can’t find bling effect on TikTok, then you need to update the apps. Once it’s done, open the app and follow those steps.

How to Use Sparkle Effect after Recording Videos

You can add the sparkle effect on videos from your camera roll too. Here’s how to add bling effect on recorded videos.

  • Open TikTok and Upload the video from your gallery

effect icon

  • At the bottom-left screen, choose the ‘Effects’ by tapping it

bling effect icon

  • Scroll the bar to find the ‘Bling’ effects

apply bling effect

  • Drag to the specific part of the video to apply the sparkle effect

bling effect post

  • Don’t forget to complete these step by clicking the Save button
  • Now you can see it on the Preview mode before you post it on TikTok

TikTok allows you to apply more than one effect on a video. So, you can use any transition, time warp, sticker, and whatnot to create dramatic effects. Hope this helpful!

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