What does FYP mean on TikTok?

TikTok is a different Realm for the Gen Z. It’s the world where they can express their feelings through entertaining videos. It’s amazing to see how this social media is growing. TikTok’s not only giving you a chance to be a new star, but also it invented new terms.

If you are new to TikTok you might confuse with TikTok slang words. The Simp Nation, Hype, Story Time, Stan, and ACAB is the new language TikTok have invented. And one of the most confusing terms on TikTok is FYP. Few weeks ago I found someone comments FYP on TikTok and I don’t even know what does it even mean!



It’s like you lost on a nation that doesn’t speak your language. The choice is yours, overcome and adapt or leave. If you decided to give it a try, here’s the explanation of what FYP stands for on TikTok.

What does FYP mean on TikTok?

FYP stands for ‘For You’ page which refers to the first page that appears when you open the app. It is a homepage where TikTok shows you popular videos that you might like. The For You page gives you access to find any viral videos. It’s good for the new users that have no idea how to find popular videos.

For Your Page

It’s great because most of the new users don’t know what hashtag to search for and whose account should be followed. The For You page is more than enough to let you drowned on this app for days.

Once you mastered how TikTok works, find hashtag, try comments, or even make your own videos, you might find that someone put comment and wrote FYP on creator’s video. What is this again?

What does it mean When Someone Comments FYP on TikTok?

For creators, the mysterious thing about TikTok is how their videos could get featured in For You page of a user. This app has algorithm we don’t even know how it works. Some people say luck and other say its TikTok’s prerogative to put videos on For You page.

Having your videos featured in For You page means that you are viral. And viral means you get new followers, new likes, and more comments. When you’re popular you know how to make money on TikTok. Fame and fortune basic rule!

Some of the die-hard followers comment FYP on their favorite creators. They hope that the favorite creator in question gets featured in For You page. Of course it’s not a valid method but they’ll do whatever it takes to make the creator famous.

Hot to get on TikTok For You Page

It’s impossible to crack TikTok’s algorithm to get your videos on For You page. The best way you can do is maximizing the tag. Make sure you add some tags on your content. It helps other users match their preference based on the tags they like.

fyp hashtag

Hashtag is also powerful tool to boost your content on TikTok. The users use hashtag to search topic. You can track famous topic and make content based on that topic. In short, quality is above everything. TikTok is platform where the creators with quality appreciated.

The chance to get your videos featured on For You page with #FYP is 50:50. But at least your quality content can make you viral on TikTok.

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