The Egg personal cloud storage device.  Front view showing touchscreen, home button, standard USB port.

Introducing The Egg

Your personal cloud storage device. Portable. Versatile. Secure.

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The Egg is a smart storage device, personal web server and portable media streamer that you can carry in your pocket. Share files on the fly from anywhere in the world. Free up storage on your phone. Stream high definition video seamlessly. 

It’s the only cloud you need.

"The Egg from Eggcyte is one of the best connected devices I have ever used. I can stream media from the Egg to any other internet-connected computer, tablet, or phone."
-Tim M.

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Exclusively at Brookstone airport stores and online

Exclusively at Brookstone airport stores and online

Available at select REI stores and online

Available at select REI stores and online

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A Cloud in Your Pocket

Storage when you need it most.  Back up media from your phone, camera, or any other media capture device — connect to The Egg wirelessly or via USB and let it do the rest.

Perfect for travelers who need to free up storage on their phone or camera.

"I have an iphone6, 64G storage. I used the egg to back up a total of 9571 photos and 129 videos. Now if I ever lose my phone, I don't lose my data and that's a big deal to me."

-Alan C.


Stay Entertained Wherever you are

Portable movie server

Can you do this with your Movie Server?

  1. Grab it for use outside the home and in the car
  2. Stream to multiple smartphones and tablets WITHOUT an internet connection
  3. electively share movies with your friends and family

Perfect for travelers and families who will be without  an internet  connection but who want to be entertained. 

"The Egg from Eggcyte is one of the best connected devices I have ever used.  I can stream media from The Egg to any other internet connected tablet or phone". 

-Tim M.



Share the love.

With The Egg app, instantly share photos and videos, whether remote or locally. Host a chat with anyone, even if they don’t have an Egg. You can leave your Egg at home and still access it from anywhere.

Perfect for everyone who wants to share their content securely and on the fly.

"I love the egg! New technology that allows me privacy, security and an easy way to share with my friends and family"
-Mike C
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Have Egg, will travel.

The Egg is small enough to fit in your pocket, and robust enough to travel everywhere. No internet? The Egg allows you to stream your media even without a connection.

Perfect for kids who want to watch movies during a long trip.

"I spent last night ripping and transferring all the Star Wars movies to the Egg.  I tried out the hotspot streaming feature today and WOW!  No hiccups or stuttering at all.  Very impressive."

- Jake S.

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Own your content again.

With standard social media and cloud services, once you post, your media is no longer private - it’s out of your hands and into the hands of third party service providers. With The Egg, you have control over who sees your files and when they see it. No matter how or what you choose to share, your content remains secure and private.

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home or on the go

Access anywhere.

Leave The Egg at home and connect to it from anywhere in the world. Take it on safari and share your photos to any wireless or USB device, no internet required.  Take your files with you and use them on the fly without worrying about data usage or security.

Perfect for those who work and play on the go.

Dove Grey

starting at $199

Real value.

There are no monthly fees when you use The Egg.  You can own yours for a fraction of the price of an iPhone. We’ve created three models scaled to your needs - from 64GB to 256GB.  And it’s ready to use, right out of the box.  No subscription fees for online cloud services, and no ads.