The Egg

Your memories. Secure. Private. Shareable.

Your very own private social network, to save your memories, and share them with friends and family.

What is The Egg?

The Egg is a tiny device that lets you store, search and privately share your photos & videos right from your phone. Using our simple app.


Store photos & videos captured on your phone directly onto the Egg, and free up valuable phone space.

“The Egg … gives an extra 256GB of memory …enough to store literally tens of thousands of extra photos and up to 45 hours of HD video.”
— Lonely Planet


app 1242X2208 -V2-02.jpg

Search photos & videos by date, location, or captions & hashtags, like the way you think.

“Any travel gadget must be worthy of the space it takes in a suitcase… one of Mr. Dean’s current favorites include The Egg.”
— The New York Times


Share selectively, and PRIVATELY, with friends & family. Your photos & videos never leave the Egg.

“...the simplicity of a personally controlled online presence - unlike Facebook, with its cryptic security settings - should attract those tired of being sold to with every click.”

Not ready to buy yet?  Try The Egg for free

Simple as 1-2-3

Connect The Egg to Wi-Fi

Download the App on your phone

Store, Search and Share away!

“Compact and powerful, The Egg has many uses.”

Not ready to buy yet?  Try The Egg for free.


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Exclusively at Brookstone airport stores and online

Available at select REI stores and online